Project Summary „Smarthome 2.0 – How openHAB, Netatmo, Hue and Max! came together“

Project Summary

What i wanted
-Comfort (switch lights and multimedia, measure and control temperatures, switch scenes and device groups)
-Environment (intelligent heating control, switch off non used devices, no standby…)
-Health (measure room climate, receive tipps from the system for better room and living conditions…)
-Safety (room monitoring, object monitoring, alarms, fire detection…)
-Automatism (smart switching, scenes, rules…)
-Monitoring (somebody home? which devices are on or should be on atm…)
Hardware in stock
-Max! System from elv / eq3 (thermostat, window contacts, „Eco“-Button, wallthermostat, Max!Cube as LAN-Gateway)
-12 Brennenstuhl RNS 1000 RC-Plugs 
-FritzBox 7490 with Freetz, UPnP / Mediaserver, NAS-two Dreamboxes 
-two Apple TVs, one with Jailbreak ATV Flash (black) and XBMC
-Airport Basestation for Airplay in kitchen-one old iPad in ktichen on the wall 

New Hardware
-Philips Hue Starterkit
-Philips Bloom
-Philips Iris
-Brematic LAN-Gateway
-netatmo Urban

Bindings / Rules
-Exec (remote control Brennenstuhl power outlets via Brematic Gateway)

-Hue (light scenes, presence)
-Max! (heating and window contacts, Cube for climate control and safety, proactive light switch via contacts)
-ownTracks (presence, coming home / leaving home, safety)
-NetAtmo (weather, air quality, noise, pressure, humidity, safety via noise metering when nobody`s at home)
-GCal (timer, presence sim.)
HTTP (monitoring)

-NTP (time)

-Network Health (monitoring)

-Prowl (messages, safety)
-ReWrite Rules (Brematic <> NH)

-Insect-Mode (lights out when condition XYZ applies)
-Heating plans / sunrise / sunset-plans-…

Screenshots and Videos
You can find the screenshots in the original posting here. Also, there are some videos on my YouTube-Channel

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